Legal Addresses

As part of legal services to legal entities at a high professional level, our company offers its customers the opportunity to lease legitimate addresses with a full range of additional services. Reliable, logical addresses, not included in blacklists and not “in the eyes of the regulatory bodies” mass registration addresses “will enable our clients to engage in business activities, complying with all legislative requirements, while significantly reducing overhead.

Safe, Efficient, With A Guarantee

Our legal services center for legal entities will help you register your organization at a specific address, as required by the current legislation. We offer only original lectures in existing buildings, from the owner and with a guarantee of successful registration. To ensure the reliability and safety of our cooperation with customers, we strictly control the number of contracts for each specific address – this approach guarantees your company no claims from the FTS and other controlling organizations. Buying from us a legal address, you get the opportunity to legally conduct business activities and not be afraid of any checks or penalties.

Benefits And Advantages Of Cooperation With Us

The services of a law firm on the acquisition of reliable addresses for the registration of your organization give you the following significant advantages:

  • Significant savings in the rental or purchase of office space, as well as its content.
  • The ability to successfully carry out their activities on legitimate and realistic grounds.
  • Possibility to use high-quality postal and secretarial services.
  • The option of actually renting for the time of any business events or on-site inspections.

One of the most reliable law firms in Moscow, the company Rasobi, offers you a large selection of real addresses in all areas of the city, professional service and the possibility of not only a regular renewal but also re-registration.

Why Should You Order The Services Of Our Law Firm?

We have developed the provision of legal services for legal entities to a fundamentally new quality level: our customers receive full service and comprehensive consulting support; we create a reliable platform for their business development and at the same time enable us to save the company’s funds. We will help you:

Collect and complete all necessary documents to obtain a legal address. • Minimize efforts to organize work. • Reduce the cost of maintaining your office more than ten times. • To comply with the current legislation and at the same time to direct all energy to business development, and not to resolve organizational issues.

How To Get Free Legal Advice By Phone?

The primary goal of free legal advice is to provide practical information to a person as a solution to the problem that has arisen. You can ask a lawyer a question for free on issues relating to all branches of law. Often in the collegia of lawyers providing services for free counseling of Russian citizens, there are diverse specialists, among whom there will always be someone who will be most competent on your issue.

Features Of Free Legal Advice By Phone.

However, it is worthwhile to understand the legal advice by phone is a top-rated service and due to a lot of calls and calls for information it is not always easy to get through, and it is not still possible for a lawyer to answer your email request for consultation in 10-15 minutes. It is not yet possible to help a person only through one phone conversation.